Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage with BEER!

With the approaching holiday this Friday, I of course needed to re-make this awesome recipe. I followed the same directions, but used Newfangled Pale Ale, a beer brewed by North Peak Brewing Company, and sold exclusively at Busch’s Fresh Food Markets. You can use any beer you like, but the hops do come through in the end. Basically don’t use a beer you wouldn’t drink.

[UPDATED – Following content originally posted on March 1, 2011]
Tis’ almost St. Patty’s Day and thus the perfect time to cook up a good Corned Beef and Cabbage Stew! But before we get started, what the heck is a corned beef anyway? In America, we think of this as a traditional Irish dish, but in Ireland, the meal is hardly eaten at all, even around holidays. Although it’s not popular now, a long time ago it was an important food for all classes. It was thought to be brought over by Irish immigrants and turned into an Irish-American favorite.

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Widow Maker Crock-Pot Jambalaya

Crock-pot meals are the best, mostly because they’re so easy. All you have to do is throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and let it cook. This time around I decided to heat things up with a Keweenaw Widow Maker Crock-pot Jambalaya! Along with all the ingredients, I added a can of Widow Maker, an amazing Black Ale from our Yooper friends at Keweenaw Brewing Company. I love making crock-pot meals with beer, as the alcohol cooks out, but some of the flavors remain.

This is a really easy recipe, I used Dearborn Anouille Sausage, because supporting local businesses is awesome! You could use any sausage you like, as well as any beer, so long as it’s not super bitter or fruity. Just make sure you save enough beer for later so you can enjoy it with the finished jambalaya!

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Rum Soaked Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles

These boozy frozen treats are perfect for those hot summer days! Plus yogurt and fruit, so they must be healthy, right? Lastly, they’re popsicles with rum, need I say more? (These aren’t for children). I had some Freshwater Huron White Rum from New Holland Brewing sitting around, and a bunch of fresh berries, so I decided to take action.

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Mackinac Island Fudge Chocolate Stout Brownies

Originally published on March 2nd, 2012

These chocolate stout beer brownies are super easy to make, and super duper chocolaty. The chocolate comes from cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and an entire bottle of Mackinac Island Fudge Stout from Arbor Brewing Company. They turned out fantastic! They would also be delicious served with some Dragon’s Milk ice cream.

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Beer and Bacon Waffles

Originally posted May 26, 2011

This is the story of a fairytale morning. One day you have an idea. You buy a waffle maker, bacon, and Atwater Vanilla Java Porter, all in support of this idea. You realize you might be a little crazy, and wonder if your idea will taste like garbage. Then one morning, you follow through with said idea, and thus the magical creation of Beer and Bacon Waffles comes to be.

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Boozy Bourbon Salted Caramel Milkshake

Because Target sucks all my self-control right out of me, I recently found myself the owner of a brand new (and pretty nice!) blender. Now, I don’t cook. I mean, I cook a little – enough to stay alive – but I’m not a great cook like the other co-founder of Drink Michigan, Audrey.  I can blend with the best of them, though – once I figure out what the heck to put in the blender.

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Oberon Marinated Chicken Kebabs

This weekend was pretty spectacular in Michigan, and because we had such a harsh winter, I decided to spend every waking minute outside. I also decided that we needed something other than hot dogs to throw on the grill, and thus I threw together a pretty amazing batch of Bell’s Oberon marinated chicken and vegetable kebabs. They turned out so well, that I figured I better share the recipe so they can be recreated by all.

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Chicken, Rice and Mushroom Casserole Made With Chardonnay

Tis the season for comfort food! The other day I was craving a creamy chicken and rice dish like my Mom used to make, so I went surfing for recipes and decided to modify this version from Simply Recipes and add in some Ciccone Chardonnay to make it that much better. It’s a semi healthy recipe in that it uses cream instead of canned soup. It turned out great and I’m still enjoying the leftovers.

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Bell’s Porter Crock-pot BBQ Pulled Pork

This was one of the easiest and tastiest things I’ve made to date. You’ve gotta love those crock-pot meals! After a recent craving for pulled pork, and needing a meal that would serve a bunch of girls, I went for the good ol’ slow cooker for the rescue. It’s also rare that I make anything in the crock pot without adding beer, so this little piggy was marinated in Bell’s Porter all day long.

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Sanders Chocolate Stout Muffins

These have got to be one of the best things I’ve ever made. They were rich, decadent, and delicious! I made a small batch of 6 over sized muffins to make sure they would be edible. Let’s just say they didn’t last long. I used the wonderful Sanders Chocolate Stout from Detroit Brewing Company to add in some extra special flavoring. The key to these was adding Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares into each muffin while baking, so that when fully cooked, each muffin had a gooey and amazing center.

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Chicken Stout Stew

This recipe is similar to the Founder’s Breakfast Stout Stew – but with chicken! We all know that throwing things in the crock pot with beer is a favorite activity of mine, especially when the end result ends up tasting so good! Founder’s Breakfast Stout is such an amazing beer, that it’s hard to imagine anything tasting bad with it as an ingredient. So without further ado – here is my recipe for Chicken Stout Stew!

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Three Cheese Beer & Bacon Mac & Cheese

It’s fall, and for me, that means harvest ales, boots, football, playoff baseball (!!!), and comfort food. When the weather took a turn towards chilly, I decided it was time to make some mac & cheese (not that 90 degree temps keep me from making mac & cheese, but it seems more appropriate when it’s cooler).

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