Last week Trisha and I paid a visit to the annual Black Wine Nights event at the Vinotecca Wine Bar in Royal Oak. This is an event we’d been wanting to attend for awhile, and finally got the chance to check it out. This year Black Wine Nights were held on a Monday and Tuesday night, from 7pm-930pm in the basement of Vinotecca. The event is a seated dinner, with light appetizers and socializing beforehand. What makes this fall wine event special, is that it’s held basically in the dark. The only light came from candles and the entire basement was decorated in a ghoulish Halloween style.


The 40 or so people that attended the sold out event were requested to wear all black. Once seated, we were given a wine list, with the types of wines listed. As we sampled wine throughout the night, we were asked to try to guess which wines we were drinking. The wine was served in black wine glasses, and it was so dark that you could not even see the color of each wine. We tried eight different varietals, five of which were paired with small plates, that included duck lettuce wraps, black bean soup, and elk wrapped in pancetta.

The event was fabulous, the service was amazing, and the food delicious. This is definitely an event to add to your calendar for next fall. A giant thanks to everyone at Vinotecca for making the night so great!