Powers Distributing Committed to Delivering Wide Range of Local MI Craft Brewers

Powers DistributingPowers Distributing Co., a third-generation family owned beer distributor based in Orion Township, Michigan, is strongly committed to supporting Michigan’s craft beer industry. Michigan craft brewers are making a name for themselves, producing award-winning and highly acclaimed products.


“Powers is proud to promote Michigan at every opportunity – and we are especially excited about promoting Michigan’s many outstanding craft beers,” said Powers President Rob Powers. “Michigan beers are setting the standard and winning new fans every day. We are happy to partner with Michigan’s craft brewers and help them get their terrific products to a wider and growing market so more adult consumers will ‘Drink Michigan.’ ”

“When Michigan’s beer sector succeeds, we all succeed, and that’s why Powers is always working to find new and innovative ways to promote locally made craft beers,” said Powers President Jerry Powers. “Michigan’s beer sector is one of the few bright spots in Michigan’s economy. Powers and our hardworking employees are committed to putting 110 percent into doing our part to help this sector continue its contribution to the economy and create good-paying local jobs.”

Powers Distributing has been innovative in its efforts to promote and educate about craft beer brands. The craft beers Powers distributes are available in more than 1,000 locations in Oakland and Macomb counties. Through a unique Web site, Powers Distributing has constructed a “beer finder,” which shows consumers the closest licensed retailers that sell their craft selections. Powers also offers a blog that teaches consumers about craft beers and the many types, flavors and styles available.

In addition to its outreach efforts, Powers also has created “mix-6 packs” consisting of different craft beer varieties and has made them available to retailers who educate consumers through sampling.

While more than 1,500 craft breweries produce nearly 13,000 labels of beer nationwide, Michigan is home to around 70 craft breweries and brew pubs, ranking it sixth in the nation. The Michigan Legislature has even designated July as Michigan Craft Beer Month, part of the effort to promote Michigan as the Great Beer State.

Among Michigan craft beers Powers distributes are products by Michigan Brewing Co., Dragonmead, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., Saugatuck Brewing Co., North Peak Brewing Co. and Uncle John’s Cider. A high-profile product includes Kid Rock’s Badass American Lager, named after the rock icon from Detroit brewed by Michigan Brewing Company. Not content to rest on its laurels, Powers is working to further expand its craft beer selection and bring even greater choice to adult consumers in Michigan.

Distributors source labels from brewers of all kinds – large and small, domestic and international– unlocking the market for new beer brands, small breweries and innovative beverages.  Beer distributors like Powers help craft brewers grow and compete by helping them reach a wide network of retailers.  The U.S. beer distribution system provides a level playing field that allows all brewers equal access to consumers.

As a whole, Michigan’s beer sector employs 60,000 people in many industries, from manufacturing and agriculture to brewing, distributing and retail. The distributing sector alone employs more than 5,100 men and women in local jobs that pay solid middle-class wages and provide health care and other benefits. Michigan’s 70-plus small brewers and brewpubs are attracting fans around the world. Beer is a strong pillar of the state’s economy that pumps more than $5 billion into the economy every year and generates more than $340 million in state taxes to pay for critical public services, such as police, fire department and roads.

Power’s efforts to promote Michigan craft beer products earned it an honor as one of the nation’s top craft beer distributors when it was named a finalist for the national 2009 and 2010 Craft Beer Distributor of the Year Award, which recognizes a beer distributor nationwide that does the most to market, promote and sell craft beer.

Powers is also using one of the largest private biofuel-electric hybrid fleets in the nation to distribute Michigan’s craft beers to retailers, restaurants, taverns and other businesses in densely populated and growing Oakland and Macomb counties.