Welcome to summer in Michigan, it’s a grand time to be alive! I bet you were all concerned that I haven’t been drinking for a month or two, right? Rest assured, drinks are happening, but it’s been a busy few months! Founder’s Fest, Michigan Summer Beer Fest, Paddle for Pints and the Michigan Wine Gold Medal Reception have made it hard to take a breath.

To the matter at hand, what is the Michigan beer for July? Let’s do this Jeopardy style: This Michigan brewery recently announced a partnership with a California based brewery known for a self deprecating flagship beer. The question; Who is Short’s Brewery. So the July beer of the month is Exeter; a sour with strawberry and lemons, just the right amount of tartness and fruit to drink comfortably in the Michigan summer sun. Not sour enough to make your chest pucker or sweet enough to make your teeth hurt, just the right amount of sour, sweet and dry. And a quick shout out to Tunnel Bear, a sour barrel aged brown that has a great tart taste that doesn’t cover up the caramel and chocolate (but AFAIK it’s on site only and I wouldn’t make it the beer of the month).

The beer runner up of the month is Bell’s Brewery, Barrel Aged Expedition Stout, which I hope you tasted at Summer beer fest because this one went quick! I was actually in Europe for the release and didn’t get any, but thanks to the kindness of others, and Bell’s bringing it to Ypsilanti last week I was able to try it out. This one brings a ton of flavor, with the barrel notes only adding to the rich chocolate, with a vanilla and bourbon throughout. Not what I’d call a summer beer most days, but I won’t lie and I say I didn’t enjoy it!

Lot’s of cool events and beer releases coming up, so stay tuned and I’d love to hear any feedback about what you want to hear about.